Vital Hydrogen Water Generator 2 Lt

Rp9,000,000 Rp6,500,000

Hydrogen Water – Health & Beauty Life

VITAL Hydrogen Water Generator can convert ordinary mineral water into water that is rich in active hydrogen molecules.
The process works only takes 30 minutes to get 2 Liters of Hydrogen Water.

– 4 Timer Modes (5, 10, 20, 30 Minutes)
– 2 Liter capacity
– Touch button
– High Hydrogen (Max 1200 ppb)
– Dimensions (163 x 312 x 130)

Different from normal mineral water, hydrogen water contains antioxidants, a compound that acts to protect the body from free radical attack.

Also, be aware that 90% of current illnesses are related to free radicals. This is what makes hydrogen water into ‘magical’ water and has attracted the attention of many scientists around the world.

According to the research results, hydrogen water can help the healing process of approximately 170 diseases. “These include heart attacks, stress, type 2 diabetes, and atopic dermatitis,”

In addition, hydrogen water can:
– Slowing the Aging Process
– Suppresses Inflammation
– Prevents Brain Damage
– Improve Skin Health
– Cleanses Toxins in the Body
And there are many other benefits



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