Irhea Brewing Coffee Machine


Intelligent Brewing Coffee Machine


Easy & Simple to use
Anyone can easily extract coffee by simply selecting a saved file of recipe button on the screen

Smart & Auto
On the bottom of the machine, there is a scale which precisely measures the amount of coffee and it automatically leads to stop pouring water according to your recipe

Guarantee constant quality coffee eveiytime
iRHEA can always provide same taste and flavor of coffee regardless of barista’s experience

Small size & Easy to install
Because of compacted body size, it can be installed at any place and it is easy for additional installation

Same as hand drip water streaming
Not like shower-type, nozzle-type allows iHHEA to pour over water same as a person does

Three brewing patterns
iRHEA has three brewing patterns; spiral pattern. bean pattern, dot drip.

Make and save various recipes
You can save various recipes as files by setting up every brewing conditions (water temperature, blooming time, brewing pattern, etc.) differently,

Providing various functions
Calculating extraction yield and testing function, showing the graph of extraction process, evaluating the result, administrative mode

Sharing recipes between groups
Vou can share the files of recipes with others by sending and downloading them. This sharing function is very useful for franchise

Mobile Application
We have our application so that you can conveniently control the system on a smart phone or tablet


Body Size 264(w) 362(d), 545(h)
Body Weight 11.7 kg
Boiler Specification 1100 ml/ 1.8 kw
Electrical Specification 220 a/ 60 hz/ 2.0 kw
Water Supply System Direct connection of water purifier
Operation Method LCD Panel Touch (Body Top) Control in the smartphone app
Control mechanism Weight based control(accumulated)
Maximum single dose 600 ml (4 cup)
Brewing Pattern Spiral Pattern Bean Pattern Dot Drip
Smartphone Support Android V 5.1 or higher
Body Color White/ Gray/ Black
Certification KC/ CE/ Rohs



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