Folletto Latte Art Printer

Rp45,000,000 Rp42,000,000

My Own Style. Memory & Latte!

’Folletto’ is the smart coffee printer that customers can print any images that they want on their drinks, cookies and bread using 6 types of food coloring. Customers can have their special coffees by sending pictures or images saved in their phones to ‘Folletto’ by themselves


Printing Speed & Capacity : Approximately 20 seconds Up to 5000 times
Mass : 28kg
Color : Black, White, Yellow, Red
Platform : 220V/110V & 1.5A/3.0A
Size : W 340mm L 540mm H 474.6mm
Cup’s size : Height 5.5cm ~ 16.5cm, Cup’s diameter within 8cm

Very delicate sense, very fast speed, It is
Folletto  Latte  Art Printer

Food coloring FDA, SGS certified
It is harmless to human body and can be used safely.



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